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Soil gives life!

Part of our soil investigation was taking a closer look at what is happening underground. Here are a few of the children’s interpretations of how they see life in our soil.



Picture drawn by Joley


Picture drawn by Caitlin


Picture drawn by Kate

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Soil Creatures!

New Pics 053

It is important to plan where everything goes on your poster.

After researching a soil creature of their choice, the children had to transcribe the information into their own words and then transfer it onto a poster.  They worked in pairs and had to agree on their course of action for the task.  The children learnt all about their creature’s appearance, habitat and diet.  They also researched some interesting facts about their creature.

New Pics 065

Working together – we are a phenomenal team!

New Pics 067

We chose to learn all about Meerkats.

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