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Let’s talk about seeds

The children worked in groups to conduct a seed search using a variety of fruits.  Paw-paw, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, avocado pears and many more were brought along for our seed party.  They discovered and recorded the size, shape, position, colour and texture of the seeds and made some beautiful drawings.  Everyone took part in eating the spoils afterwards, even the lemons!

Seed Search

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Slice and dice – what’s inside?

We’ve learnt all about seeds – how they are formed, how they germinate and grow, how they are dispersed.  As a practical activity, the children all brought some fruit to school and cut them open to examine the seeds.  This was a collaborative tasks.  The children chose three different fruits and they drew a cross section of each fruit, while also making notes on the characteristics of the seeds, e.g. their size, colour, quantity, position, texture and even taste.  It goes without saying that the tasting was the best part, and of course all the “spoils” had to be eaten!  Nothing goes to waste in the Pelicans class.



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