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One Day Without Shoes


Our Grade 5 classes, and our entire school in fact, took part in a global initiative which is instigated by Blake Mycofskie of the company, TOMS shoes. Their awesome motto is ‘one for one’ and they give one pair of shoes away for every pair that they sell.

Elkanah House took on the wonderful challenge of coming to school on Tuesday 16 April with no shoes on. Children, teachers and parents were encouraged to go for a whole day without shoes. The children were also asked to raid their cupboards (and their parents) and to donate one pair of shoes on that day. We were all blown away (children included) with the wonderful support, excitement and goodwill evident on that cool, winter morning. Rows of pairs of shoes donned our school corridors reaching way over our sports field. The children eagerly counted the pairs of shoes as they were delivered by delightful, bare-footed contributors. A fantastic 760 pairs of shoes were donated! Squeals of delight could be heard throughout the morning as children shared in the delight of ‘giving to others’.

Our Grade 5 classes willingly assisted us to bag all the shoes so that they could be collected by our local SALT organization, who will be distributing the shoes into our community. Bags were overflowing with an endless amount of shoes for those in need.

One Day ONE DAY 2

Children shared their feelings on being without shoes for a day – these feelings ranged from feeling free, to being freezing, to feeling sick they were so cold, to just being in awe of what it was like to feel the hardships of others. I was so grateful to have my boots on the next day, while the rain pelted down outside. Our Grade 5 class sensed a feeling of warmth during devotions that day as we reflected on the shoes collected the previous day. A fantastic experience -thank you to all those involved.


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