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Exploring Fynbos

We had the privilege of visiting Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens this week. The children learnt all about the four main types of fynbos that we find in the Western Cape, they heard about the history of Kirstenbosch and about the rocks and soil that we find on and around Table Mountain. Walking across the Boomslang bridge was a highlight for most, and for a few it was an opportunity to conquer their fear of heights! And while we’re on the topic of “boom”, everyone had a chance to show off their tree-climbing skills. Of course there was also time for a picnic and rolling down the hill. As it was a very hot day, we were relieved to be able to cool off in the little river.

We all had a wonderful day in the outdoors, enjoyed spending time together as friends and gained a new appreciation for this beautiful spot in the world that we call home!


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Kirstenbosch Magic!

Camphor trees, enchanted forests, dinosaurs and tadpoles – just some of the attractions that intrigued the Grade 5’s on their outing to the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens last week. Apart from stunning views of Nursery Buttress from the swaying Boomslang Bridge and a close-up look at the grand golden web of an imposing orb spider, there was so much to learn about the threatened members of our fynbos kingdom.

And the highlight?…. scrambling up trees and exploring the stream of course! Perhaps our children are normal after all!IMG_7502IMG_7505IMG_7514IMG_7510IMG_7512IMG_7498IMG_7524IMG_7522IMG_7535IMG_7532IMG_7527


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Louries and Rainbirds enjoy Kirstenbosch magic.

Indigenous fynbos, ghost frogs, orb spiders, montane forests and Xhosa huts – all investigated under the majestic presence of Nursery Buttress – a natural learning environment in which our children can be children! To top it all, there was a maze of tree trunks in the forest to explore and climb, and frogs and crabs in the streams to catch and examine.

This outing is always a favourite, and at the end of a frenetic term, is just what the doctor ordered  for pupils and teachers alike!

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