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At the Museum…

Last week the Pelicans and the Louries explored the way of life of the San and the Khoi at the Iziko Museum in Cape Town.  Did you know that “Iziko” is an isiXhosa word, meaning “a hearth”?  The hearth of a typical African home is usually found in a central place in the home.  Thus Iziko symbolises a hub of cultural activity and a central place for gathering together and learning about South Africa’s diverse heritage.

After our lesson, we were able to explore other areas of the museum.  We enjoyed our lunch under the trees in the Gardens.


Taking a peep into the huts of the San.


Exploring at the museum.


We met a few “bony” creatures.


Some of us were almost devoured by a shark!


Admiring the rock paintings.


Relaxing in the Gardens.

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ILT: Early African Societies

As part of our Integrated Learning Task this term, the children researched the San, Khoi and African Farmers’ lifestyles.  Each group researched one of the people groups and then they had to write a script, using their facts.  The information was then presented to the rest of the class in the form of a play.

The researchers…

DSCN4325 DSCN4328

… the actors …

DSCN4352 DSCN4425 DSCN4374

… and the audience!

DSCN4362 DSCN4361

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The Penguin class has been busy

Excellent props were brought in to enhance the plays.

Excellent props were brought in to enhance the plays.

Khoi dance around the fire

Khoi dance around the fire

Making items was the best

Making items was the best

Paw Paw seeds are the best.

Paw Paw seeds are the best.

The girls couldn't wait to eat the fruit afterwards.

The girls couldn’t wait to eat the fruit afterwards.

The Grade 5’s have been learning about seed dispersal in their Natural Science classes. They were asked to bring various fruits to school, so that we could explore the inner part of the fruit and to see what different forms of seeds there are. We also discussed the benefits of having our own vegetables and fruits growing in our own back garden.

The children also performed their San, Khoi and African Farmer plays after preparing them at school. They had the most fun collecting all the props for the plays.

Each group was creative in their own way and it was interesting to see how each one approached the task differently.Although all the children do not enjoy doing groups work, it certainly allows for them to develop certain skils which are essential in their futures.

During their integrated learning task they also came up with an Afrikaans camp song which had to relate to the San, Khoi or African farmers. This was also performed during their plays.

We also showed the children various video clips on informal settlements in South Africa. Discussion was had around the topic and the children then had to write a creative writing piece relating to this. It certainly was a week of exploring, learning and one where their emotional sides were broadened.

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