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ILT Focus 3 – Peer teaching

We concluded our Integrated Learning Task by giving all of the children the opportunity to report their findings and research to their peers.  They continued working in their pairs and they were given 90 minutes to prepare and rehearse a presentation. Once again they were encouraged to have a creative approach, so some of them were news reporters, others were presenters on Discovery channel, we had a group of teachers and also a safari with a tour guide out in the African bush. Everyone remained engaged throughout the presentations and it was a worthwhile learning experience.

I am happy to show off a few of our presenters.

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Verb Charades

This was so exciting!  The children played charades, using verbs.  They had to take turns to act out various verbs, while the rest of the group tried to identify the verb.  This was a wonderful activity for the tactile learner, who was able to physically get to grips with the action words.


Can you guess my verb? That’s right! It’s “think”.


This is what “count” looks like.


Can you see that I’m demonstrating “dance”?

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