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Beach Outing

Last week- on Friday, the 06th of February, the Grade 5’s embarked on their annual outing to the beach. As expected, the trip there was met with excited chitter-chatter. Upon arrival we set up our spots, and as soon as their feet hit the ground, they were in the water.

The children had immense fun swimming, laying in the sun and playing on the beach sand. Some highlights include their trip to the rock pools where they could explore the lifeforms within them. Another would be when the iconic ring of the ice cream man’s bell could be heard in the distance- I don’t think the ice cream man realized what hit him because as soon as he stopped, he was out of stock and ran to fetch more!

We had such a lovely day where we, as the Grade 5 team, had the opportunity to swim, relax and get to know our children better in a more informal and fun way! We look forward to the year ahead!







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