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Aquarium outing

The Louries and Rainbirds went off to the Aquarium for a lovely day out.  They learnt all about sharks.  They even got to touch a little Shy Shark, which not all children were sure about.  But what an amazing day out!


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Social Science weather project

The Grade Five’s got their chance to be meteorologists.  They first made their own rain gauges and then had to measure the weather and rainfall over the week and compare their readings to the week’s forecast.  Their projects had to be presented on the iPad as a Keynote presentation. The children took to the challenge and we’re not only discovering weather conditions but also became better experts at using Keynote, including inserting graphs with their data on it.

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NS Fruit Observation


The Rainbirds had fun investigating the seeds of various fruits. Not to mention eating them all at the end was an extra bonus

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Louries and Rainbirds enjoy Kirstenbosch magic.

Indigenous fynbos, ghost frogs, orb spiders, montane forests and Xhosa huts – all investigated under the majestic presence of Nursery Buttress – a natural learning environment in which our children can be children! To top it all, there was a maze of tree trunks in the forest to explore and climb, and frogs and crabs in the streams to catch and examine.

This outing is always a favourite, and at the end of a frenetic term, is just what the doctor ordered  for pupils and teachers alike!

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Day 2 at High Africa

The fun and action has continued today. Although they were up EARLY due to excitement, they just keep going and going. There were personal challenges accomplished, new friendships made and new skills learnt. See what we got up to today.

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Day 1 at High Africa

85 super excited Grade 5’s arrived at High Africa today amped to get started with the activities from the word go. They have had a full and busy day and the buzz is yet to subside… Take a look at some of the snapshots from our first day at camp.

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Reading Maps on the Road

New Pics 083

Being out-and-about is so much nicer than sitting in the classroom!

Last week our Grade 5’s ventured out onto the street and had to find their way around the neighbourhood by using a road map.  At first, orientating themselves according to the map seemed to be challenging, but they soon realised how to work it out.  Friends helped each other along the way.  Back in the classroom, the children used the knowledge gained during the exercise to complete a road map task.

New Pics 087

Which way to the Spar?

New Pics 072

I know exactly where I’m going!


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