Fantasy to Reality


The Gr Fives enjoyed researching some unusual characters from African fantasy last week. They followed this up by creating their own fantasy people – writing and speaking about them. They certainly produced some very unusual ideas!

Back to reality meant punctuating sentences correctly and reading texts carefully for information. Language and comprehension skills are the foundations on which we can share and communicate our creative ideas!

In Afrikaans we are trying to get our communication skills off to a good start by practising basic greetings in small groups and pairs. Keep practising those ‘Vraagwoorde’!

On the Maths front, gathering real data and presenting it in graphs can be fun! Tallying and comparing different coloured cars travelling along a busy road nearby our school produced some interesting results. It was another opportunity to extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom.


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A snapshot at our week

The children investigated different soil types. They physically got hands on touching and looking at the various soils. They came up with good ideas deciding which of the 3 soil types were best for plants to grow in.

One of the basics we have to get under the belt is vraagwoorde in Afrikaans. One of the ways we try to get the children acquainted with these words and practice their translations is through the memory game.

We practiced our Mental Maths skills by playing the Checkerboard game. A good way to refresh the rusty minds before tackling more complex calculations.

We have a class challenge for the term which is to complete a puzzle of the world to round off our SS theme. It is a great temptation to anyone walking past the table or something to do when they have finished work. Let’s see how long it takes to complete.

Take a look at some snapshots from our week.

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Fabulous iPads and IT in action


Puppet Pals ‘Draak’ recording


IT lesson


Multitasking with my computer and iPad


Sources task


Our deeper learning tasks, using the iPad as a tool,are developing really well after having implemented them on a few occasions now. The children are embracing the iPads in order to bring these tasks to life. The latest task was an Afrikaans task based on ‘Ruby en die Draak’ which is a delightful story which we covered in Afrikaans. The children had numerous tasks to complete but a highlight was the Puppet Pals iPad task where they had to record their voices giving an oral presentation of a description of their ‘Draaks’ which they had written themselves. To add to that, they also designed their own hand- drawn dragons which were then photographed and included into their puppet pals presentations. The children were enthralled with this task and loved choosing backgrounds, experimenting with the APP and then enlightening each other about their discoveries. There were some challenging moments but they have managed to submit some lovely final recordings to Google Classroom. I am amazed at their use of creativity and willingness to experiment with new material.

We briefed the children on a Rainfall and Temperature task for Social Science which entails keeping track of the rainfall and temperature for the week. They constructed rainfall gauges out of a 2l cooldrink bottle during their technology lesson, so these were put to use this week. This is a two week task which includes numerous skills in order to create the final presentation for submission.

During IT this week the children also were presented with an element of exploration. They were briefly introduced to the topic of Primary and Secondary sources and then went on to watch a Powtoon based on an explanation of these concepts. They then had to use that information to design two slides using PowerPoint in order to show their understanding of the topic. Specific questions were put to the children to answer in their slides. The visual side was also catered for by offering numerous pictures to be included so that their understanding was enforced.

It is great to reflect on the skills that are encompassed during these sessions and it is only when one breaks it all down, how one realises what it takes in order for them to complete these tasks.

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This week in the Rainbird class

This week we have enjoyed learning while playing games and practical investigation.

We played the memory game in our Afrikaans period to help learn the meaning and translation of our vraagwoorde.

During Maths our adding and subtracting skills were tested with The Checkerboard Race game. It was a race to the end with the highest scores. A white board came in handy for the working out our calculations.

NS had us investigating different types of soil. It was interesting seeing the different types of soil we have in our gardens at home. Then we got to start some research and discover what soil creatures live in the soil in Africa apart from the common critters. Our iPads came in handy for this task.

When the heat got too much for us what better than to take a cool off swim in the pool with friends.

What better way to end off the week with Friendship day dressed in our red, white and pink.

Take a look at the variety of activities we participated in over the week…



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Ons leer Afrikaans speel-speel

Hierdie week het die Graad 5-kinders sinne met Vraagwoorde gebruik.  Hulle het ‘n kaartspeletjie in groepe gespeel om hulle te help om die Vraagwoorde vas te lê.  Die kompetisie onder mekaar was opwindend!



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Ons maak ons eie Toebroodjies

Vir Afrikaans het ons kinders hulle eie toebroodjie resepte geskryf.  Hulle moes eers ‘n paar vrae uitdink en ‘n opname doen oor die tipe toebroodjies waarvan mense die meeste hou.  Die opname is deur Google Forms in die rekenaarsentrum gedoen.  Die kinders het hierdie inligting in ag geneem toe hulle hul eie resepte uitgedink het.  Daarna het hulle aan die klas kom demonstreer hoe om hulle toebroodjies te maak.  Daar was baie interessante idees en ‘n paar gesigte is getrek, maar oor die algemeen het alles baie smaaklik gelyk … en geproe!

Kyk net hoeveel pret het ons gehad…

IMG_0212 IMG_0218 IMG_0255 IMG_0270 IMG_0313 IMG_0324

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Afrikaans is plesierig

Creating alphabet games !!!

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Afrikaans Alfabetspeletjie

Die kinders het vandag geoefen hoe om mekaar in Afrikaans te groet en hoe om hulleself bekend te stel. Hulle het daarna ‘n speletjie gespeel met flitskaarte oor al die woordeskat wat hulle geleer het. Hulle moes saam met hulle maats werk om groepies woorde in alfabetiese volgorde te rangskik. Afrikaans is altyd pret as ons speletjies kan speel!


Ons ken die alfabet in Afrikaans – A, B, C, D…


Watter woord kom volgende?

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