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Last week the Grade 5’s had their second term ILT where the aim of this ILT was to foster an appreciation of local cultures of Southern Africa and to create an awareness of how culture has influenced housing.

They were put in groups and had to research one of our historic South African cultures.  They had to take the information and present it to the class in the form of an informative dramatic presentation based on fact.  They had to write their plays in the form of a script and then had to perform their play to teach the rest of the class about their specific culture.

In their groups they also had to price a number of materials to help Bob the Builder to build a new house for Mr Preston.  They were given a Builder’s Warehouse catalogue to choose the materials from but had a budget to stick to.

Lastly we then watched a number of videos on the housing in informal settlements and the children then wrote individual blog posts of a day in the life of a child in an informal settlement.


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