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All sorts of fun

This week has been full of all sorts of activities in and out of the classroom.

In SS we started scale and had to first draw a scaled down drawing of our teacher and then we did the same with our friends. There was great amusement as the children were comparing their measurements to their teacher.

As part of Book week we focussed on diaries. We read extracts out of some great reads, like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Diary of Iris Vaughn. There were many stories shared of grandparents and great grand parents from the Second World War times and it never ceases to amaze me how many people were affected by the war. This lead to the class creating their own diaries and having an opportunity to share what was on their hearts.

The middle of the week was welcomed with a break away from. School with an outing to the Iziko Museum. We had a lesson on the San and Khoi San people which was quite fascinating. We wondered off to the exhibition and also made our way through to the fossil section, where the children could see the museum people actually working on a fossilized rock. Thereafter it was definitely time for lunch in The Gardens. We were welcomed by countless pigeons desperate for any morsel of food much to some of the children’s delight. Others had a relaxing time nestled in the Bird’s nests. It was lovely to see them relax and enjoy the day out.

On Friday, part of World Book day, the children shared with each other about the books they are reading. They also got to go read some books to the Grade 3’s on the Junior Primary campus.

Take a look at our week filled with a range of activities….

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Finding Our Way

The children are all happy to be back at school and they have already been hard at work and hard at play!

We decided to put their mapping skills to the test, and where better to do this, than on the road itself!  Using an electronic map of our area on their iPads, the children mapped the route that we walked from our school to one of our local shopping centres.  The Notability app proved to come in very handy, as the children could make notes about various landmarks along the way as well.

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Back at school, they used the information that was gathered “in the field” to complete a task that required them to add information to a map, draw routes and give directions in words.  It’s a task that lends itself very well to integration between Social Sciences and English.

Next week the children will create their own GPS recordings in Explain Everything, to practise the skill of giving directions.

We are looking forward to a term of fun-filled, exciting learning.  The children will have many opportunities to create, explore and present.  We can’t wait to see what they will be getting up to here in Grade 5!

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