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High Africa Day 2

Day 2 has been another successful and fun day on camp. We started off with a walk and a little interesting lesson on snakes. This was followed by the last rotation of activities. Of course a swim was in order for our hot bodies. Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch of spaghetti. There was plenty for seconds for those who were famished after the busy morning. Our afternoon activity comprised of a treasure hunt followed by some brainteasers. Just to keep the brains active for next week. Now we have the infamous potjiekos competition on the go. There are a few chefs in the making and now they have no excuses to get out of helping with preparation of meals. at home. Our cleaning up skills need a bit of practice. But it was wonderful fun eating our self made potjiekos! Definitely one of the favorite activities. Here are a few highlights…

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High Africa Day 1


Day 1 started off with quite a buzz with many excited children keen to get on the bus and embark on their Grade 5 adventure. After a 2 hour drive we arrived at High Africa. The children were briefed and then shown to their rooms, where they quickly got settled. It didn’t take long before they looked like they had been in these rooms for a few days. They got some free time to explore their surroundings and which was an adventure in itself. They were put into groups, which gave them an opportunity to work with some new friends. They created a war cry for their team and then it was off to do the activities. Some of these activities challenged their physical abilities, fears and stamina. There was the Leap of Faith from about 3.5 meters above the ground. Wall climbing to the top would be an achievement of 10.8 meters. Some children were so agile making it look like they do it everyday. The Long Walk to Freedom required some team work to get the whole team around the obstacle. Time was made to cool off with a swim in the Breede River. The water was very refreshing in the Worcester heat and they stayed in the water till they were called out. After a full afternoon of activity the children got to braai their own Roosterbrood. What fun it was to spread butter and syrup on them, some sweeter than others. This was followed by a delicious chicken, roast potato, boerewors and salad for supper. Seconds were in order for those with big appetites. There certainly was no reason to go hungry. The day was ended with a walk where we were privileged to see the brilliant stars in the dark night sky away from the city lights. Some were even lucky enough to witness a shooting star. Wow what a sight! It was then time to call it a day and some children were still buzzing. Where they get their boundless energy from I do not know. But they must have been more tired than they realized. Much to the teacher’s surprise, they were asleep by 10.30pm. All in all a good day. This morning they are refreshed, revived and energized to face day 2… Take a look at the Highlights of Day 1

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Kirstenbosch Magic!

Camphor trees, enchanted forests, dinosaurs and tadpoles – just some of the attractions that intrigued the Grade 5’s on their outing to the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens last week. Apart from stunning views of Nursery Buttress from the swaying Boomslang Bridge and a close-up look at the grand golden web of an imposing orb spider, there was so much to learn about the threatened members of our fynbos kingdom.

And the highlight?…. scrambling up trees and exploring the stream of course! Perhaps our children are normal after all!IMG_7502IMG_7505IMG_7514IMG_7510IMG_7512IMG_7498IMG_7524IMG_7522IMG_7535IMG_7532IMG_7527


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