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Pie Charts Survey

The children completed their own surveys in class this week and added the information to pie charts.  They could choose the topic of their surveys, e.g. Favourite Foods or Sports.  They enjoyed the interaction with one another and were very interested in discovering all of their friends’ “favourites”.




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Ons leer Afrikaans speel-speel

Hierdie week het die Graad 5-kinders sinne met Vraagwoorde gebruik.  Hulle het ‘n kaartspeletjie in groepe gespeel om hulle te help om die Vraagwoorde vas te lê.  Die kompetisie onder mekaar was opwindend!



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A HOT HOT week



The first week in Grade 5 of 2016 is done and dusted and we had to hold our heads high and persevere as we endured the heat. The teachers were sure to ease in to the week by tackling book covers, working through the necessary classroom and IT administration with the children and making sure that there was sufficient time alloctaed to also cool off in our delicious and refreshing swimming pool.

A treasure hunt in between everything else was also the order of the day. The children were divided into groups of four and used an iPad to scan a QR code which gave them a clue to where they would find their next colour ‘paper’ treasure. Twelve correct treasures allowed them to assemble an intricate puzzle on the mat tucked away in a cooler classroom than the outdoors.

The children were also introduced to ‘our continents’ and the ‘Life of soil’ during their NS and SS lessons. The spinning of the globe countless times to explore the vicinity of the continents and a walk through our gardens to explore the soil around our area, were also fun features of the lessons.

A fantasy theme was also introduced to the children as part of our English theme for the term and the children did an activity around the Fattypuffs and Thinnifers. They also drew their impersonation of these characters.

Mrs Callhau was introduced to the children and they got to know her a little during their first LIS lesson which promises some exciting and innovative opportunities. Library books will be able to be taken out next week to start our journey with LOADS of reading (we hope) in Grade 5. The children were also very excited to attend their first CODING session with Miss Crous. These lessons promise to enrich the children to develop to think more laterally and become experts on problem solving.

To end off the week, we were all fortunate enough to load up the buses and fill our parents cars with bubbly children,clothed in cossies and smeared in the necessary sunscreen. Small Bay was privileged to witness the joy of our Elkanah children at the beach. Swimming and body surfing with the teachers was a must to cool down, and it was also lovely to see the children engage with each other by initiating their own fun. Slip sliding on seaweed, hopscotching over a towel and ‘foot spas’ in the rock pools are to name but a few of the goings on. Mr Raven hoarded us off to the island before the tide came in and took some out the children out of their comfort zone by encouraging them to jump into a deep pool (Mrs Raubie was of course on high alert and fretting a little). We were also fortunate enough to have some very organised Mommies in our midst, who set up camp chairs and a table so that wonderful coffee could be served. It certainly was a wonderful outing to end off the week. All’s well…..that ends well!!!

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Pelicans First Day in Grade 5

Today was such a special day at school.  The children eagerly started school with their new teachers and in their new classes.  For the Grade 5’s it means that they are no longer the “babies” of our campus.  When looking at them, one can see that they are a group of adventurous children who love to explore and are excited about life and about coming to school.

In the Pelican class we started our day with a devotion that focussed on removing old labels that we may carry with us.  A book that was covered in paper was used to demonstrate how these labels are “written” onto our lives (the children came up with suggestions of various negative labels that they have carried with them).  We then tore off the “old” wrapping and re-covered our book and wrote positive labels on the cover.  We came to the realisation that labels can only “stick” to us if we want them to and that we all have a responsibility to make sure that we don’t label others in a negative way.  We watched the Max Lucado video called “You are Special”.  Everyone decided to no longer remember the negative labels which others had placed on them, but to start afresh this year and only allow the good labels to stick.  We ended our devotion by looking at Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

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In order for us to fulfill the wonderful plans that God has for our lives, we need to move forward with positive labels.  After all, what God thinks of us is far more important than man’s opinion.


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