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Pebbles Stationery drop off and visit.



The Grade 5’s went on an outing to Villiera Wine Farm near Stellenbosch on Friday,so that we could drop off our stationery collection for the Pebbles Project. The stationery will be distributed to the children who will be attending school for the first time next year. We are most grateful to the Grade 5 parents and children for the generous stationery contributions. We had a wonderful play with the children at the crèche afterwards and once again the Elkanah and Pebbles children loved the playful and loving interaction. The joyful pictures tell their own story.

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Ons maak ons eie Toebroodjies

Vir Afrikaans het ons kinders hulle eie toebroodjie resepte geskryf.  Hulle moes eers ‘n paar vrae uitdink en ‘n opname doen oor die tipe toebroodjies waarvan mense die meeste hou.  Die opname is deur Google Forms in die rekenaarsentrum gedoen.  Die kinders het hierdie inligting in ag geneem toe hulle hul eie resepte uitgedink het.  Daarna het hulle aan die klas kom demonstreer hoe om hulle toebroodjies te maak.  Daar was baie interessante idees en ‘n paar gesigte is getrek, maar oor die algemeen het alles baie smaaklik gelyk … en geproe!

Kyk net hoeveel pret het ons gehad…

IMG_0212 IMG_0218 IMG_0255 IMG_0270 IMG_0313 IMG_0324

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Alternative Energy – Saving Electricity

After learning all about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, the Grade 5’s made their own solar ovens at school this week.  The children worked in pairs.  They used pizza boxes, tinfoil, black paper and cellophane and had to follow step-by-step instructions independently.  To test their solar ovens, they could put some chocolate inside to see how quickly it would melt.  Of course they enjoyed the “spoils” afterwards.  The children had to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of oven, as well as think of who would benefit from using solar ovens.

Here are some of the Pelicans making their Solar Ovens.

DSCN5449 DSCN5454 IMG_0130 IMG_0141 IMG_0143 IMG_0150

Take a look at some of our completed Solar Ovens.

IMG_0168 IMG_0173 IMG_0174 IMG_0177

And the proof is in the pudding!  Just checking to see if the oven actually works…

IMG_0184 IMG_0187 IMG_0191 IMG_0192

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Science, science and more science

Beautifully presented!



Mrs Raubie does an experiment too!!!

Mrs Raubie does an experiment too!!!

What a week of science science and more science!. The children did a sterling job at investigating renewable energy science projects and performed some wonderful presentations. There were some nervous energy vibes all round the Grade, but the children and parents pulled out all stops to make it an eventful and most impressive Science Expo 2015. The scorching heat helped our solar ovens to work to their full potential and well done to those children who hid under brollies in order to survive the extreme heat. We are thankful to all our judges for their input and time spent with the children while they shared their understanding of renewable energy.
The children also started a project for SS on Mineral and Mining and they have been exploring various sources in order to inform themselves about some interesting non-renewable resources. I am amazed at how upbeat the children even though it is such a busy time at school at the moment. They also delivered really good oral presentations on historical leaders that they had researched. Ghandi, Emily Hobhouse, Albertina Sisulu and Desmond Tutu filled our screens with Keynote presentations. It is admirable what the children learn and experience during a single week at Elkanah. We are thankful to all our wonderful parents for their most appreciated inputs and continuous support delivered.

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