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Science Expo…All systems go…

 There was a real working buzz in the air yesterday morning in the Rainbird Class as we knuckled down to creating and designing our Science Expo posters. The children enjoyed the freedom and were very relaxed as they went about their task either individually or in partners. We now look forward to seeing the finished product along with their explanations at the Science Expo.


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Taking time to enjoy … Breakfast!

The Pelicans were fortunate to visit Froozels Food Products in Montague Gardens last week.  We had a tour of the warehouse and factory and we witnessed firsthand how cereals and snacks are produced, from the raw ingredients to the packaging stage, ready for the shelves in the supermarket.  Seeing the staff and the equipment in action was an interesting experience.  The children had a tasting competition of the raw ingredients and had to label them correctly, just by tasting them.  One group managed to achieve 100%.  We were all blessed with some snacks and cereals to take home, although there was a lot of tasting and swapping happening when we returned to school.  It was a great learning opportunity, to see what goes into producing a product that is so easily just added to our trolleys and poured into our bowls every morning before leaving home.

IMG_0019PicCollage (3)PicCollage (2)

PicCollage (1)PicCollage

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