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Ancient Egypt and more

The last few weeks have been abuzz with activities about Ancient Egypt. Egypt day was a huge hit and the children looked totally magnificent in their beautiful outfits. There was a busy working atmosphere as they were making mummies, canopic jars and a sarcophagus for their mummy. Artistic talent was so evident in the intricate patterns and creative clay designs. Then we entered the ILT where collaborative skills were put to the test. They got into the practical activities building their pyramids. It was time to put heads together and the end product was so well presented. The archaeological dig was also very successful as they got to be archaeologists for the morning. In between all this there was still time to visit the aquarium as part of our Natural Science curriculum. The children had a fascinating lesson on sharks and of course the highlight to walk around inside and see all the amazing sea creatures. Now we are days away from a well deserved holiday to rest up in preparation for the up and coming last term of Grade 5.

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On Wednesday the Grade 5’sy put themselves in the shoes of an ancient Egyptian child, farmer or embalmer, or of the great archaeologist, Howard Carter, and tried to write down some of their experiences in the form of a diary. This creative writing was based on thorough research done in class last week on their iPads.


Later, in the IT Centre, the children presented their research on Egyptian pyramids in the form of creative and informative PowerPoint slides. This was completed within strict time limits. Working under pressure is a serious challenge.

Thursday was the great day of pyramid construction! Reading and following instructions were key skills. The teams that worked together the best, produced the best results! Building a pyramid out of cardboard, was a daunting test of our mathematical and measuring skills! Trying to paint the pyramids without painting each other was equally difficult!

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On Friday our archaeological teams followed the steps they had been shown and set about excavating their sites. Artifacts were carefully recorded and packaged according to the site grid the team had made. Deductions were made about the purpose some of these artifacts had served in Ancient Egypt. A fascinating and very sandy experience was had by all!

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