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EGYPT DAY in Grade 5

Beautiful outfits

image image


Egypt Day was a great success once again this year. The children all went to such effort to dress up beautifully and it was wonderful to imagine living in such an ancient world. The children sculpted canonic jars, mummies and sarcophagi bases out of clay and thereafter made a colourful and decorative lid for their sarcophagi. A great day across the grade was had by all. Our ILT next week is also based on the Egyptian theme so there will be more news and pictures to follow next week. The photographs tell the story in a visual and realistic way.

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Archaeologist Detectives

Having the task of investigating various “artefacts” or articles “found” in “dustbins”, the Pelicans worked in groups to piece together information about people and their families, using the “evidence” presented to them.  Like true detectives, they examined “exhibit A, B, C”, etc. and finally came to conclusions and made their own deductions of how these five families were made up, what the parents did for a living, what they liked to eat, where they lived in the world, what their hobbies were, what pets they had, and much more.  It was a fun and exciting activity which kept everyone involved and engaged throughout.

DSCN4831 DSCN4836 DSCN4839 DSCN4847 DSCN4848 DSCN4851

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The Pelicans celebrate Utitshalakazi’s birthday

This week was the birthday of a very special teacher at our shool.  Mrs Stanford has showered our children with love, compassion, kindness and support over many years.  All of them agree that she is their favourite teacher and they absolutely love all of her stories.  Mrs Stanford is our avid librarian who also teaches our children to communicate in Xhosa.  One would have to look far to find a more passionate, dedicated, zealous, energetic and inspirational teacher than her, and the children recognise this.  The Pelicans wanted to do something special to honour Mrs Stanford on her birthday, so we had a little surprise party for her.




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A week in the class of the Rainbirds

It has been a good busy start to the term in the Rainbird class with lots of action taking place. We have been learning about useful plants to use as humans and Ithas been fascinating finding out what products our plants are used to create. The children then created a poster to teach their peers what their products are made using their plants.
On Thursday the Grade fives supported the Reach for a dream foundation’s slipper day. We all had very warm feet.

The Tutankhamen exhibition at Grand West was a real hit. The children did the audio tour and found all the displays really fascinating. What an exciting introduction to our Egypt theme this term. 

This week the Rainbirds ranked second in South Africa for Mathletics. There were a few outstanding performances with Imogen placin first in South Africa for individual scores. Mihran ranked 93rd and Andrea ranked 96th. Those are big achievements. Must be the talents being displayed in peer teaching!


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