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Team Work

some make it look easy!

Some make it look easy!

Teamwork can be great fun!

For some it’s a challenge!

‘Teamwork’ was the motto of the Grade 5’s this week as they prepared for 3 days of ILT. During Life Orientation we took a good look at how to be successful and helpful members of a small group. Taking turns, listening to each other, doing my share, taking responsibility and encouraging each other are just some of the skills we discussed.

Working as part of a team can be great fun, but certainly has its challenges! So, just to break the ice and to get uncomfortably close to their ILT team for this term, the Gr 5’s played the “Ha ha” game! It was hilarious! Enjoy the photos!

Some of us are very comfortable working with others.

Some of us are very comfortable working with others.

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ILT: Early African Societies

As part of our Integrated Learning Task this term, the children researched the San, Khoi and African Farmers’ lifestyles.  Each group researched one of the people groups and then they had to write a script, using their facts.  The information was then presented to the rest of the class in the form of a play.

The researchers…

DSCN4325 DSCN4328

… the actors …

DSCN4352 DSCN4425 DSCN4374

… and the audience!

DSCN4362 DSCN4361

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Sowing seeds…

As part of learning about the reproduction of plants, we have started growing bean plants and we are photographing their progress day by day.  The children started growing their beans using wet cottonwool.  Watch this space to see the growth in one week’s time!

DSCN4316 DSCN4319 DSCN4324

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Verb Charades

This was so exciting!  The children played charades, using verbs.  They had to take turns to act out various verbs, while the rest of the group tried to identify the verb.  This was a wonderful activity for the tactile learner, who was able to physically get to grips with the action words.


Can you guess my verb? That’s right! It’s “think”.


This is what “count” looks like.


Can you see that I’m demonstrating “dance”?

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Fun to end off a busy week…

At the end of a long week, when everyone needs a break, there’s nothing better than getting together with one’s friends for some fun and games.  Here we are, working at improving our social skills and enjoying some “connect time” with our friends.


Girls just wanna have fun!


Take a look at our creation!

You only have 30 seconds to get the answer...

You only have 30 seconds to get the answer…

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Saving Rhinos

On 14 May it was Endangered Species Day.  We decided to make our “voices” heard through raising our hands with the message:  Stop Killing Rhino.  The children posed their hands in as many ways as they could imagine to get their message across.

DSCN4279 DSCN4280

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A three day week….



Last week was only three days long and the Grade 5’s persevered with the completion of tasks from the previous week and got stuck into one or two new ideas/ concepts. I include some of the pictures from the Penguin class from the previous week’s activities. The children really enjoyed completing their sketches of fossil drawings after they researched and found images of their choice of fossils on their iPads.

The children got in touch with blogging again and wrote a creative writing piece ( as a blog) after reading through extracts of Iris Vaughn’s diary. They were intrigued to explore school experiences of the past and many a story was told in class about their parent’s experiences too.

This week we got off to a great start this morning with a Maths practical task where we arranged matchsticks in order to get familiar with patterns and sequences. The children are ready for a full working week after all the weekend activities and public holidays.

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