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Day 2 at High Africa

Day 2 at High Africa

Day 2 did not disappoint expectations. It started early and was filled with non stop action, fun and laughter. There were opportunities to build on old friendships and to create new friendships.

One of the highlights was that the children had to prepare their own supper – they had to make potjies. For some it was the first time cutting vegetables and cooking. The teachers were entertained by the amount of ‘crying’ from the onions and running to basins to wash off hands to save the burning eyes. Others felt they were experts in cooking and enjoyed teaching others the much needed skills for a successful supper. The teachers got to do some taste testers and were very impressed with the delicious outcomes.

Now it is almost time to prepare for bedtime and get some weary bodies to bed.

Good night all.

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Grade 5 camp at High Africa


It’s off to camp we go… We left for High Africa. with most of the kids in High Spirits. Some were a little sad to say good bye to parents but it didn’t take longer than 5 minutes out on the road for the excitement to rub off on each other.

On arrival the children were very excited to explore the camp area, choose their rooms and get settled in. Then we got off to doing various activities. The raft building as always was fun as they got to cool off in the Breede River from warm Worcester temperatures. The Leap of Faith challenged some of the children, many feeling very proud of accomplishing new heights. Lots of teamwork and fun was had by all.  We ended off with a night walk, looking at the beautiful stars in the night sky away from the city lights.  Now we are heading for bed to hopefully get some sleep… Day 2 to follow tomorrow… Good night everyone.

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