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Cooling down!

Who can learn when it’s so hot?  We find that cooling down in the sprinklers really boosts the concentration.  Here are some of our Grade 5’s letting off some steam.

DSCN2948 DSCN2958 DSCN2950 ?????????? DSCN2962 DSCN2946

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Fantasy creatures

After reading an extract from The Hobbit, the children presented their own fantasy creatures in class this week.  They described their fantasy creatures, told us about their characters and personalities and explained what their habitat look like and who their enemies are.  Their imaginations came alive and everyone was thoroughly entertained!


My creature has really strange eyes… something like this.


He is very agile and he can move really fast!


I have a very fussy creature and this is what he likes to eat…


This is how tall my creature is. He can reach the sky.

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ILT days of fun 😀😀

Living in the role of their soil creatures

Living in the role of their soil creatures

Any opportunity to act ....

Any opportunity to act ….

Building relationships is also key!

Building relationships is also key!

Scientists, explorers and more....

Scientists, explorers and more….

The ILT ( integrated learning task) is behind us and I think that the children enjoyed themselves. They certainly gave of their best and produced posters and orals of a high standard. They were required to investigate a creature that lives beneath the soil on the African continent. They worked together in pairs to create an informative poster which was then used as a visual aid during an oral presentation. The children took their tasks seriously, worked to the best of their ability and certainly ‘ came up with the goods ‘ in a limited period of time. I am thrilled with their results. The pictures displayed show their creations and props used during their admirable presentations. 😀😀

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Beach Outing

Last week- on Friday, the 06th of February, the Grade 5’s embarked on their annual outing to the beach. As expected, the trip there was met with excited chitter-chatter. Upon arrival we set up our spots, and as soon as their feet hit the ground, they were in the water.

The children had immense fun swimming, laying in the sun and playing on the beach sand. Some highlights include their trip to the rock pools where they could explore the lifeforms within them. Another would be when the iconic ring of the ice cream man’s bell could be heard in the distance- I don’t think the ice cream man realized what hit him because as soon as he stopped, he was out of stock and ran to fetch more!

We had such a lovely day where we, as the Grade 5 team, had the opportunity to swim, relax and get to know our children better in a more informal and fun way! We look forward to the year ahead!







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It’s a busy life in Grade 5!

Swimoffs, life orientation and soil exploring!

Swimoffs, life orientation and soil exploring!


Founders Day stories in assembly, blogging about special Elkanah and drawing fantasy people!!

Founders Day stories in assembly, blogging about special Elkanah and drawing fantasy people!!


Comparing  three different  soil types

Comparing three different soil types


Afrikaans ' Vraagwoorde' game and Maths addition game!!

Afrikaans ‘ Vraagwoorde’ game and Maths addition game!!

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The first few weeks…

The Grade 5’s have had a busy time in the past few weeks and have started settling down well into their new Grade. We have had a great pool session where the children had their swim-offs in preparation for the swimming gala in a few weeks time.
We have been exploring a fantasy theme during English and the children have discovered the ‘ Fattipuffs and Thinifers’ and have written a creative writing piece on a fantasy person.
We celebrated Founders Day at Elkanah and Mrs Duminy and others shared beautiful stories during Assembly about years gone past.
Three different soils were brought into the classes and the children compared these in order to establish which soil was the best for growing plants in.
Afrikaans is ook mooi aan die gang en ons werk op die belangrike ‘ Vraagwoorde’ wat hulle moet ken. We played a game to make the experience more fun.
Loads of time is also spent on Maths, Maths and more Maths and we used dice and game charts to get addition and subtraction going.
It is smiles all round at the moment, so let’s hope this lasts.😀😀😀

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