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Fun and learning and pics to share


We have lots of fun in between too!!!

We have lots of fun in between too!!!

Last week in the Penguin class was packed with a variety of experiences. We had a few practical lessons during Mathematics while learning about Mearurement- children got to weigh themselves and various other objects. They used tape measures to measure objects ( large and small) in the classroom and they explored capacity by using water and measuring jugs. The children also performed and created their iMovies featuring their Koeldrank advertisement. I was amazed how they just tackled the task and made it happen. I loved all the colours and ideas and names of the cool drinks…… Alles in Afrikaans. The topic of heat sources in NS allowed them to investigate a beneficial source of heat and then present it to the class themselves in the form of a role play. We also dealt with a vital topic in life orientation on Bullying. This topic will stretch over the last couple of weeks at school and we are intent on teaching the children what bullying actually is and hOw one can deal with it. The children watched little video clips at IT which were animated little scenes on various forms of bullying. We will also follow up with a blogging task and a poster on this topic.

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Busy busy busy in the Rainbird class

The last 2 weeks have been action packed with activities.

Die kinders het hulle eie kreatiewe koeldranke ontwerp en toe ‘n advertensie gemaak om die koeldranke te adverteer. Natuurlik was dit baie pret om in verskillende klere aan te trek en hulle oorspronklike idees te gebruik. Hulle het selfs hulle drankies oorspronklike name gegee.

image image image

Today we had fun learning all about solar power, the advantages and disadvantages of using it in everyday life and ending off with making their very own solar ovens. There was great discussion and good teamwork going on in the classroom.



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Science Expo – Waiting for the Judge!

Waiting for the judge on the day of the Science Expo is pretty nerve wracking for most grade 5’s! Often experiments don’t work the way they are supposed to on the day. However, we can be really proud of the effort and hard work put in by each child. Much was learnt not only about science, but about planning, organisation, collaboration and presentation – great skills for someone who is only 11!

Feeling confident!

Feeling confident!

All done with smoke and mirrors!

In case you never noticed, I'm wearing really cool shades!

In case you never noticed, I’m wearing really cool shades!

Dylan producing energy.

Dylan producing energy.

Ask me anything - I'm so organised!

Ask me anything – I’m so organised!

I am so ready!

I am so ready!

Tam's devastating tsunami.

Tam’s devastating tsunami.

I even have sweets of the judge!

I even have sweets of the judge!

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Learning about Diseases

During our Social Sciences, we have been learning how diseases like cholera, malaria and HIV/Aids are caused, prevented, cured and/or treated.  The children summarised information about these diseases in a table and then used the knowledge to create an informative play that can be used to educate others.


Make sure not to touch someone else’s blood – this will prevent HIV.


She has a very high fever – one of the symptoms of malaria.


If you give your child the antiretroviral medication, you will help him to live a longer life.


My child, please do not play in the river that is so polluted. It will make you sick.

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Bandana Day

Our school celebrated the Sunflower Fund’s National Bandana Day of the 15th of October this year. The children showed their support towards patients who fight so bravely on a daily basis when they lose their hair from their chemotherapy treatments.  Funds raised through Bandana Day go towards paying for the expensive tissue typing (DNA) test for new donors to join The South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR), to help patients suffering from leukemia and other life threatening blood disorders, who require a bone marrow transplant in order to survive and live a longer and healthier life.


Blue, yellow, pink … Bandanas of all colours arrived at school


Bandana Day creates awareness among our children for the need to support those who are suffering.


A bandana selfie with Ms Kruger

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