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Last day at High Africa

And so yet another camp must come to an end. For some it is good timing as they are ready for home comforts and their parents. For others, their batteries have not quite yet run out.

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Day 2 at High Africa

The fun and action has continued today. Although they were up EARLY due to excitement, they just keep going and going. There were personal challenges accomplished, new friendships made and new skills learnt. See what we got up to today.

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Day 1 at High Africa

85 super excited Grade 5’s arrived at High Africa today amped to get started with the activities from the word go. They have had a full and busy day and the buzz is yet to subside… Take a look at some of the snapshots from our first day at camp.

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Fun with Scale

The Rainbirds had fun studying scale today.  The had to measure their friend and draw a scaled down drawing of them. Who would have thought measuring could be so much fun!

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Presenting our Creatures

New Pics 110

We hope that you all enjoyed our presentation of the prairie dog.

Our Grade 5 children were supposedly approached by the SABC to create and present a nature documentary for television on their soil creatures.  They used this opportunity to present the information on their soil creature posters to the rest of the class in an interesting and creative way.  Everyone remained fully engaged in what was being said throughout all of the presentations.  They really loved hearing about all the different animals and had so much fun watching their friends pretend to be TV presenters.

New Pics 102

Hiding behind my creature’s skull…

New Pics 136

These two crazy scientists were most entertaining!

New Pics 122

The Sisters in Science taught us all about the hedgehog – apparently they have about 500 fleas each.

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Soil Creatures!

New Pics 053

It is important to plan where everything goes on your poster.

After researching a soil creature of their choice, the children had to transcribe the information into their own words and then transfer it onto a poster.  They worked in pairs and had to agree on their course of action for the task.  The children learnt all about their creature’s appearance, habitat and diet.  They also researched some interesting facts about their creature.

New Pics 065

Working together – we are a phenomenal team!

New Pics 067

We chose to learn all about Meerkats.

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Reading Maps on the Road

New Pics 083

Being out-and-about is so much nicer than sitting in the classroom!

Last week our Grade 5’s ventured out onto the street and had to find their way around the neighbourhood by using a road map.  At first, orientating themselves according to the map seemed to be challenging, but they soon realised how to work it out.  Friends helped each other along the way.  Back in the classroom, the children used the knowledge gained during the exercise to complete a road map task.

New Pics 087

Which way to the Spar?

New Pics 072

I know exactly where I’m going!


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