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The Penguin class has been busy

Excellent props were brought in to enhance the plays.

Excellent props were brought in to enhance the plays.

Khoi dance around the fire

Khoi dance around the fire

Making items was the best

Making items was the best

Paw Paw seeds are the best.

Paw Paw seeds are the best.

The girls couldn't wait to eat the fruit afterwards.

The girls couldn’t wait to eat the fruit afterwards.

The Grade 5’s have been learning about seed dispersal in their Natural Science classes. They were asked to bring various fruits to school, so that we could explore the inner part of the fruit and to see what different forms of seeds there are. We also discussed the benefits of having our own vegetables and fruits growing in our own back garden.

The children also performed their San, Khoi and African Farmer plays after preparing them at school. They had the most fun collecting all the props for the plays.

Each group was creative in their own way and it was interesting to see how each one approached the task differently.Although all the children do not enjoy doing groups work, it certainly allows for them to develop certain skils which are essential in their futures.

During their integrated learning task they also came up with an Afrikaans camp song which had to relate to the San, Khoi or African farmers. This was also performed during their plays.

We also showed the children various video clips on informal settlements in South Africa. Discussion was had around the topic and the children then had to write a creative writing piece relating to this. It certainly was a week of exploring, learning and one where their emotional sides were broadened.

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Peek into the Louries Class today.

Today the Grade 5’s began their 3-day Integrated Learning Task which focusses on the indigenous cultural groups of South Africa. The children, in small groups, will do research and present their findings in the form of an informative dramatic play on Friday. Working in groups is exciting and fun, but has its challenges too! Delegating responsibilities, listening to each other’s ideas, being willing to make compromises, and working to deadlines are important life-skills that our Grade 5’s are learning in the process.

Juaneque's group busy on their research.

Juaneque’s group busy on their research.

Abigail and Giam planning their presentation.

Abigail and Giam planning their presentation.

Putting energy into their presentation.

Emily’s group putting energy into practising their presentation.

Tyra's group working together brilliantly!

Tyra’s group working together brilliantly!

Keenan practising his part.

Keenan and Jordan practising their parts.

Nissi and Emma dramatising what they have learnt.

Nissi and Emma dramatising what they have learnt.

Botho, Caitlin and Mimi finetuning ideas and making decisions.

Botho, Caitlin and Mimi finetuning ideas and making decisions.

At the same time, the Louries are busy with a Natural Science project in which the germination of the bean seed is being studied. Regular observations are being made and detailed notes and diagrams are being kept up to date.

Thomas checks his beans.

Thomas checks his beans.

Emma is very pleased with her bean's progress.

Emma is very pleased with her bean’s progress.

Britt wonders why her beans are taking their time to grow.

Britt wonders why her beans are taking their time to grow.

Tomorrow we are off to Builders Warehouse to investigate modern building materials and their prices, in preparation for a Mathematics activity. Apart from mathematical skills, listening and observation skills will be necessary in order to complete this assignment successfully!

We wish our talented and resourceful Grade 5’s all the best for the next two days of their busy ILT!

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What have the Pelican class been up to?

The Pelicans have enjoyed a very busy, but exciting few weeks this term.  They were all very proud of their wire words that they made in Technology with Mrs Louw.  There are certainly a few talented children in our class!



As an introduction to our upcoming Integrated Learning Task, we visited the SA Museum in Cape Town.  The children received a brilliant talk about the lifestyles of the early inhabitants of SA, along with being able to view the very real-to-life exhibits.  They were able to have a hands-on experience in a special room, made just for exploring and touching – just up their alley!



The children realised that we have to play a part in helping to keep our immediate environment clean and litter free, even if it means having to clean up someone else’s mess.  I must say, they were all extremely positive about the Greenbelt clean-up, equipped with their black bags and gloves.  Just look at these smiling faces!  So parents, if you need the trash to be taken outside, feel free to ask.  We’ve given them some good practice at school.





No offense to any of the other classes, but the Pelicans made the BEST hats for our Green Day celebrations.  Their creativity was set loose and we were “wowed” by their designs.  The children used recyclable  materials and greenery to bring across the message of keeping our world clean and beautiful.





Investigating the Build of SA using physical maps from the Atlas, the children made a model using playdough to depict the coastal plain, escarpment, mountains and plateau of the land.  This was a fabulous activity for the tactile learners and a bit of a challenge for the ones who prefer the pencil-and-paper activities.  In the end, though, everyone had a better understanding of our country’s build.






Over the next few weeks, we will be tackling our ILT, which will allow so much opportunity for hands-on, creative learning.  So watch this space … you’re in for a treat!


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